2010-2011 Television Mid-Season Report – Part 2 [Crisrav1138]

Glee: Season 2

The Cast of Glee

Pros: The series is still really entertaining and very funny at times. Song performances like “Forget You”, Hey, Soul Sister” and a few more have become some of the best covers on the series to date. The fact that the talents of several cast members and their characters are being showcased even more is a huge plus. Mike Chang having speaking roles and Brittany being able to display her dancing talents get a big thumbs up from me. The bullying arc involving Kurt has also been handled extremely well, allowing for some intense dramatic scenes and Chris Colfer to deliver outstanding performances.

Cons: Some episodes this year have been downright awful. “Britney/Brittany” is a horrendous piece of garbage and unfortunately some episodes have been only slightly better. The biggest problem is the characterization. All of the characters have been inconsistent. One episode you’re rooting for them, but then the next they’re being disgusting selfish brats. The storylines, aside from Kurt’s, have been far too underdeveloped. Emma getting married, Rachel and Finn’s relationship, and Will’s quest to win Emma back have barely factored into the season, yet they take dramatic turns that have zero impact due to lack of development. The last few episodes have been great, but for a long time it was hit or miss.

Grade: B-

No Ordinary Family: Season 1

The Cast of No Ordinary Family

Pros: This show is very fun! In a world where dark and serious subject matter is ruling my television viewing, it’s nice to have something light and calm to watch. Not that there’s anything wrong with dark shows, but it’s nice to have a break once and a while too. The cast works extremely well together, especially Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Kay Panabaker, and Jimmy Bennett. They really have great chemistry and feel like a real family. Autumn Reese is also great as the bubbly scientist Katie who also happens to be a huge comic book geek. A hot chick who loves superheroes? I think I’m in love! 

Cons: Aside from it being very fun, there really isn’t anything that makes it “must watch television”. The story is moving at a snail’s pace. It seems every episode has the same story arc developments- Villain is worried Julie Benz’s character is hiding a secret, villain sends his goon to deal with it, goon finds out a tiny piece of information, and it ends with the villain saying something ominous. The writers need to get the story going because we still have the same amount of information that we had at the beginning. The mid-season cliffhanger was also underwhelming.

Grade: B

Survivor: Nicaragua

The Cast of Survivor: Nicaragua

Pros: This has been one hell of a crazy cast. We’ve seen some of the most colourful and insane players ever who all made for great television. Some of the challenges were also well thought out and very cool. Fabio winning was a huge plus because he truly was a great personality to watch and played a great last minute game to survive a huge target on his back! So many weird things happened and there were so many nutcases that as lacklustre as the season was, it never ran out of material to talk about or people to make fun of.

Cons: Unfortunately just about all of those great characters and/or master strategists were out way too early and instead we were left with some unlikable or dull players. NaOnka certainly gave viewers something to talk about, but she was such a disgusting person that you didn’t love to hate her…you just hated her! The final 10, aside from Fabio, consisted of dry personalities whose strategic plays went down the tube if they ever had any at all. When you just awkwardly stand in silence when someone you’re planning to betray asks what the plan is…that’s just awful game play. The reunion sucked as well due to too much focus on bullshit. Fuck Terry Bradshaw! Talk to the players! Jane, a bitter and vindictive old hag, winning the fan favourite vote was bullshit as well. Oh, and most of the challenges sucked. Oh and two quitters on the jury…fuck that!

Grade: B- (As I said, the bad stuff certainly made it interesting)

The Big Bang Theory: Season 4

The Cast of The Big Bang Theory

Pros: This show really has found its groove and its working with it very well. The comedy is pure gold and they never seem to lose focus on the characters and what makes each of them so endearing. I honestly don’t know what else to say. I love the characters (mostly) and it’s constantly hilarious. The Justice League episode was probably the most fun I’ve had watching the show as well.

Cons: It’s really hard to find a con. I suppose the storyline with Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler doesn’t do anything for me. Sorry, but Sheldon gives me a headache so having two of them just isn’t my thing.

Grade: A+

Smallville: Season 10

The Cast of Smallville

Pros: The acting and writing have never been better on the series. Acting wise everyone has hit the ball out of the park. Welling, Durance, Freeman, and Hartley have all done their best work ever by delivering and conveying such strong emotions in authentic manners. Clark is confidant and competent, Lois is vulnerable but feisty, Tess is fragile but determined, and Oliver is witty but heroic. I’ve never loved the acting so much on this series before. The writers have really handled the VRA/Darkseid arc extremely well. It’s a story that has a lot to say about our times in a post 9/11 world. The location shooting and action sequences have also been some of the best of the series. It has an old school Smallville feeling to it. The Clark and Lois romance is extremely well written because of how the writers have made the relationship mature and because of the acting talents of Welling and Durance.

Cons: As great as the Clois material is, there is a lot of it compared to everything else. Hopefully the last half of the season will tone it down a little. Also, as great as the season has been, there have still been some episodes that while not without their plus points…have been duds (“Isis”; “Harvest”).

Grade: A+

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